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24 April 2012 @ 03:31 am
Understanding At Last - comic strip - dSSS 2011  
I did this for the due South Seekret Santa challenge 2011 on [info]ds_ssdiscussion. I didn't post it anywhere on lj, so I want share it with the lj people who didn't seen it on AO3. It was my submission for [info]spuffyduds. In exchange, I got the lovely fic Two Rays, No Clue by [info]pixiecatfish. <3

Title: Understanding at Last
Artist/Author: [info]hm_f
Category: Slash, First Time
Rating: NC/17
Note: A huge thanks to [info]mergatrude and [info]sageness, they were very helping in the making of this strip.

Link to the comic strip.
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